"Art for me is the way to interact with the world"

Antonin Manto (*1960, Rakovnik, Czech Republic), is an internationally acclaimed artist fascinated by the elements including blaze, fire and transition of state. He is captivated by indigenous art and isn’t afraid to delve deep into history to find motives and inspiration. His artistic approach, which he transforms in his artwork, is meticulous and unique, with a particular attention given to detail. Throughout his career, he has showcased his talent and passion for art, delivering for myriad clients and galleries from countless countries around the globe.

The materials Antonin Manto chooses for his artistic expression include, but are not limited to, cast iron, hand blown glass, porcelain, ceramic, stone and wood. These materials provide the base, from which his artwork is born. Often functional by nature, the artwork created by Antonin Manto is created deliberately to suit the environment, in which it is to be displayed. This includes both powerful cast iron objects, as well as subtle and delicate glass pieces.

At the moment, Antonin Manto is continuing his passion for art creating, overcoming the limitations of health origin of a few years past. Throughout the recent times, he has shown his inexhaustible desire to continue what is for him his life mission, to create.

With regards and respect for the art world of Antonin Manto, written by

Dorian Manto, son of Antonin Manto

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